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Please submit fixed price or hourly rate with estimation of timeframe with your application.


Description of job/position

We are an existing web booking portal featuring luxury accommodation. We are building our new travel platform in October CMS. The new platform will be integrated via API with a major travel wholesaler.

We are seeking an experienced Laravel developer to assist us with creating API connections between October & Zoho CRM to update 3 record types (ie. Contacts, Products & Bookings). Contact records require a two-way sync (ie. CMS < > CRM) whereas Product & Booking records only require a one-way sync (ie. CMS > CRM).

Contact records in Zoho need to sync with October RainLab User plugin. Product & Booking records will be linked to corresponding custom-built plugins in October. 

Contacts, Products & Bookings records will be posted to Zoho CRM using the Zoho Restful Records API. Contact records will be received from Zoho CRM using the Zoho Notifications API.

Experience & Requirements

Required Deliverables

1. Register application (development & production) in Zoho CRM Developer Console
2. Setup Zoho CRM OAuth Authentication
3. Create ‘Product’ upsert function from October CMS to Zoho CRM
4. Create ‘Contact’ upsert function from October CMS to Zoho CRM
5. Create ‘User’ upsert function from Zoho CRM to October CMS
6. [FUTURE WORK] Create ‘Booking’ upsert function from October CMS to Zoho CRM

Further details will be provided upon commencement.

Required experience

Applicants should have strong October experience - ideally with creating (inbound & outbound) API connections. Great communication skills are essential and experience with Zoho CRM would be very advantageous. 

Application process

Please send a cover letter with your CV detailing your relevant experience and examples of your work. We don't have a set budget and would like you to submit a fixed price for this job, or alternatively, an hourly rate with an estimation of timeframes.

Selection & hiring process 

We will invite shortlisted candidates to a short video chat to determine your suitability & understanding of the job. Before commencement the successful applicant will be required to submit proof of ID that will be held on file for up to 12 months after completion of this task. This job may lead to future work and, if so, proof of ID may be retained for longer.

Please only apply if you are comfortable with these security measures. 


Although we have 2 full-time developers on our team, the successful applicant will be solely responsible for setting up, testing & deploying the connections outlined above. They will use the Zoho CRM sandbox to setup API connections for both the development and live environment of the website. All work must be tested thoroughly and all API calls and endpoints must use security best practises (eg. OAuth).

The applicant should liaise with the client for selection of appropriate API plugin and authorisation plugin, if required. Further details will be provided.